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Top booter / Top stresser list

DDoSForHire.net collects information on public stress test platforms to determine the functions provided by each of them, we publish these informations in our table so that you can see their functionalities clearly and transparently.
All the listed sites should be used ONLY to test the resilience of your network or web applications.
Our site is not affiliated with any of the listed websites, our site take no responsibility from illegal or unethical usage.

Our ranks and verification policies:

Verified ranks:
- 🔥 Hot = Unique rank on top of the list, request a quote.
- ⭐ Premium = 1 month (30 days) renewable package at 200$.
- ✅ Vouched / ☑️ Verified = 3 months (90 days) renewable package at 30$ (10$/month) or 100$ year (365 days).
The difference between ✅ Vouched and ☑️ Verified is related to the effectiveness of the methods, power of the tests for each concurrent and the longevity of the project, ✅ Vouched are always deeply checked websites, running since long time and that you can always trust.
✅ Vouched sites must own all their server and must have been verified for at least 6 continuous months.

The owner of verified services must:
- Provide a paid account with full access over all site services/functions, at least 1 concurrent test and minimum 600 seconds test time for the whole verification period.
- Let us know for any long-term downtime (more than 48 hours) of his website/service.

Our staff deserve to keep testing the sites in order to verify the truthfulness of the informations.
We deserve the right to suspend (temporary as "⌛ Pending" or permanently) your rank if you fail to properly communicate informations to us and to the website/service customers/visitors/users.

Unverified ranks:
- ❓ Unverified = Any site that is not verified by us and running from more than 6 months.
- ❗ Risky = Untrusted site without any verification or trustworthiness. (status generally applied to unverified new sites or when something looks sketchy).

Our site will show the websites following the order:
0 - 🔥 Hot
1 - ⭐ Premium
2 - ✅ Vouched
3 - ☑️ Verified
4 - ⌛ Pending
5 - ❓ Unverified
6 - ❗ Risky
Within the same categories the websites will be sorted by their name. (except Premium which is sorted by date of purchase)

If you believe the informations about a specific site are incorrect or if you are victim of scam, please contact us.
Sites caught scamming their customers will be moved on the "Scammer sites" list after the appropriate verifications.
Closed sites will be moved on the "Dead sites" list as historical archive.

If your site is wrongly marked as ⚰️ Closed or ☣️ Scammer please contact us to get it resolved.

Additional TOS are available at https://cyber-hub.pw/tos.php

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